Apr 8, 2011

hyper-ink: adzookie dot com cul de sac

if you are an american who uses the internet, then you likely have seen this picture already:

my (sub)urban obsessed-heart exploded with shrapnel of joy and horror when i saw it. i picked three of my initial, kneejerk reactions to point out, though I am certain an entire doorstop of a book could (and should) be written about the Adzookie estate(s).

1. it is a brilliant advertising strategy—sensational within the neighborhood, kitschy and tacky enough to make people smile/become infuriated/whatever, cos either way, they will talk about your company. It’s looping consumerism back onto itself, where we can delightfully imagine it spiralling totally and tragically out of control. ads on mailboxes to subsidize the USPS; genetically modified shrubs that are branded to spell monsanto in topiary form; animated glazing that responds with ads as you walk your dog by a home. your suburban neighborhood would become like an interactive video game, but with lawnmowers and nissans.

2. it’s an integral piece of the facade- a physical and psychological barrier between the realms of private and civic space. in the american landscape, the facade of a structure or the grounds of an estate are the landmark of a democratic society. jefferson had the doric columns of monticello and the open, rolling expanse of lawn—the structure a robust assertion that dominated the sublime landscape. we now have the adzookie dot com in the cul-de-sac, an adoption of consumerism and global linkages that delivers returns, thereby allowing further consumption and networking. the adzookie estate not just a symbol, but a brand of our american democracy.

3. it is an exercise in augmented reality, but also, uh, reality. the graphic/house is just made for google street-view. It actually places the real-life user in a modified, real reality that mimics virtual reality. We’re starting to blur the practice between model-making and implementation, construction and conjecture. the technology is acting upon while simultaneosly is being acted upon. The recriprocal relationship with the built environment is being manipulated in distinct ways to form a singular obscurity of form.  This series of strange new spatial relationships is arriving at a singular cloud of multiple realities, virtual physicalities, altered digital constructions that result in physical signs, symbols that form networks of information! kurzweillians rejoice!

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