Allentown, PA

ArtsWalk Extension Phases 1-3

The linear plaza of the ArtsWalk links the Soldiers and Sailors monument at Center Square to the Allentown Art Museum, establishing a linear plaza that unites multiple galleries, retail, restaurants and residential uses along its arts-infused armature. This extension of the ArtsWalk was recommended in the Arts & Nature Landscape Development Plan to help the space read as a continuous space with intermittent social gathering places.

The first phase of the ArtsWalk Extension creates a flexible plaza with custom catenary lighting, custom furnishings and verdant planting activate the streetscape across from Miller Symphony Hall and its historic façade. This space is used for seasonal farmer’s markets, craft fairs, active games, and occasional pop-up concerts. The Third phase of the extension continues paving, furnishings and planting across Sixth Street to visually link to the Allentown Arts Park, and will complement the addition of a restaurant at the ground floor of Miller Symphony Hall.

A new residential structure just north of Miller Symphony Hall created an opportunity for gathering outside for residents, visitors, and show attendees. This second phase of the ArtsWalk Extension includes custom-designed sculptural benches at the center of the space, framed by ascending rows of custom crystal lanterns. On the ground, a paving pattern devised by computer coding creates a crescendo in the center of the space, dissipating into lighter tones at each end of the linear plaza. With adjacency to the Allentown Art Museum and Baum School of Art, a large sculpture by Ernest Shaw in the center of the plaza is restored to its original vibrant red. This project was created as part of a collaborative team at Land Collective, with Laura Stedenfeld as project manager. All images are courtesy of Land Collective.