Bromo Arts & Entertainment District Vision Plan

At the heart of Downtown Baltimore, the Bromo Arts & Entertainment District will be the cultural heart of the City–a place of effervescent activity which connects its citizens in its connective tissue. The vision plan activates the core of the district by converting the near-completely vacant Howard Street into a linear park with existing light rail. This catalyst is supported by retail activated east-west corridors, and episodic public space at half-mile intervals. The deep cobalt of the Bromo Seltzer bottle (the District’s namesake icon) and the effervescent fizz given off by Bromo Seltzer, is an inspiration to the Vision Plan – a source of historic identity and a conceptual framework to create social effervescence between people and resources in the Bromo A&E District. The excitement and “fizz” created by cultural activity is a catalyst for culture and will encourage those who already love the neighborhood to stay, while encouraging others to activate long-vacant lots and buildings. This project was created as part of a collaborative team at Land Collective, with Laura Stedenfeld as project manager; all images are courtesy Land Collective.